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Albania,Puke, Puke,

NACE Codes
  • C.10.39 - Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
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Agropuka (AP) is a Producers’ Association from Puka, Region of Shkodra. At present, it has more than 350 members. Agropuka is the only civil society actor that supports rural development in Puka through collection and processing centres, fruit tree growing and rehabilitation of waste lands, rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructure, goat rearing, mechanization, etc. AP motto is “committed and capable to contribute to a sustainable rural development.” Its vision is being “a visible and sustainable resource center of Puka rural development.” Its vision for the communities it serves is that “communities in rural areas will be better developed and will be empoThe companyred to address local issues and priorities.” AP mission is: “AP is a farmers’ association contributing to the integrated rural development of Puka rural areas through encouraging and promoting rural economic development and community development actions and initiatives to improve the livelihoods of AP members and communities living in Puka rural areas.” AP strategic goals are: 1. To increase the sustainability, accountability and organizational capacity of Agropuka organization; 2. To improve the livelihoods of AP members and communities in the areas that AP works through promoting and further developing Production/Marketing/Cooperation Models; 3. To promote environmental protection and development in Puka region; 4. To promote local democracy and social inclusion of rural communities in local decision making. AP believes in its vision and mission and it is committed to bring the desired change and reduce poverty in Puka rural areas. It believes in the future of rural/agriculture development in Puka. It also believes in a society that provides equal opportunities for men and women and in its poThe companyr to advocate and influence the decision makers. AP organization’ values are commitment, integrity, voluntarism, participation, equality, sustainability, and effectiveness and efficiency. AP has a creative leadership, active membership, and capable human resources. It has a good image in community and donors. It has strong links and collaboration with other local actors in Puka. To fulfill its mission, AP focuses on: Agriculture Production, Marketing and Cooperation Models (Market information and analysis; Sustainable agricultural production; Market access and sales; Environmentally friendly farming; Protection of cultural environment). Promotion of local democracy and social inclusion (Equal opportunities for women and men; Youth support and development; Local governance and cooperation; Empowerment of civil society).

Firm Info

Agropuka has four operational sectors: (1) Management; (2) Marketing & Processing; (3) Training and Advice; (4) Infrastructure. AP uses Marketing and Processing sector to finance itself and to contribute to the general management costs and to the advisory and training services. Main products that AP collect, process, and market include honey, dry fruits, dry mushroom, fruit preserves, and herbs and teas.

Company Products

1. Poly-Flor Honey Produced by the natural flors from the mountains and meadows of Puka region as: lime flor, akacia, elder flor, thyme, wild rose, melissa, lavender, etc. It has light color and pleasant flavour. It contains vitamins like, vitamin A, all the group B vitamin and a lot of mineral matter and microelements such as calcium, magnezium, calium, cobalt, etj. It is widely consumed in families for its high alimentary and curative qualities 2. Dried Fruits Produced from apple, khaki(date), plum, pear and figs fruits. They are produced based on tradition and advanced technologies in a temperature up to 470c preserving all vitamins; including vitamin A. They are consumed as dry ones but one can use to prepare dried-fruit compote by boiling them for 10-15 minutes. one can add honey or sugar to it. 3. Boletus Mushrooms They are collected in the thick oak, pine and beech forests in an altitude of up to 800-1500 m above the sea level. Dried with Swiss technology at a temperature of maximum 47º C. They preserve all alimentary attributes and vitamins; including vitamine A. They are used to prepare pica of high quality, risotto, spaghetti, pie, etc. Before use one has to put them in boiled water for about 10-15 minutes.

Cooperative Offers

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