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  • C.10.39 - Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
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Processing and conserving of premium quality fruit and vegetable product

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Economic Chamber of Macedonia

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Macedonia, Slovenia, Germany, Sweden, USA, Australia

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Some of the best vegetables in the world are grown in the Balkan region of Europe. Most of the raw fruits and vegetables that we are using come from the Pelagonia region, which is an agricultural paradise in Macedonia. Using this valuable natural resource, we are producing some of the healthiest, best and most tasty vegetable spreads on the market today. Perfect as a side dish, topping, appetizer, meze, or on their own, these vegetable spreads have a flavor so unique that, in this case, tasting will be believing. Our Va-Va vegetable spreads are 100% natural, without any artificial preservatives, glutens, additives or colors. These products are perfect meal for vegetarians and people who prefer a healthy lifestyle (diet). Vegetable spreads can be consumed as a pasta sauce, used as a dressing with leafy greens, spread on a hamburger with onion and pickles, as a side dish with grilled chicken and rice, or, failing all that, on a spoon right out of the jar!

Traditional Macedonian recipes are famous for using different types of peppers as a main ingredient in its structure. Therefore we have come up with these mixed gourmet peppers products in order to introduce the most delicious and high quality peppers of our region.For our products we are using only the specially selected peppers rich in color, aroma and flavor. They are then garlic roasted and marinated with a special blend of white vinegar and sunflower oil to create some of the best peppers recipe that you'll ever eat! For people who prefer hot and spicy food we offer fefferoni and cayenne peppers well known by the unique piquant taste. Our varied types of peppers work well with any spicy dish, or on a sandwich, pizza, as an ingredient in different dishes or simply as a quick appetizer.

For the real lovers of vegetable we have selected and mix together the best and most tasteful vegetables grown in Macedonia and made various cocktails that will satisfy even the most demanding needs. Va-Va vegetables are marinated fresh in nothing more than the vegetable's natural oils, parsley, salt and a bit of citric acid or vinegar to preserve the color and flavor. Our vegetables make great side dishes with fish, pork, or chicken, as well as making great ingredients with antipasto salads, marinades, and stir fry. Now vegetable is available all year long.Cabbage is a valuable source of vitamin C and an extremely healthy food rich in nutrients. Because of the great demand for sour cabbage we have made it available for consumption in different forms, depending on the customers’ preferences. Sour cabbage products are perfect for salads, stuffing, soups, side dishes, and are often eaten as a relish with meat dishes.

We take high quality peppers, marinate them with a special blend of white vinegar and sunflower oil, and then stuff them full of creamy cheese and spices. We take the best zucchini and eggplants, slice it, then grill it with some garlic and parsley, and finally marinate it in some white vinegar. Gravce na Tavce is based on our own family recipe. By combining fresh white beans with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh garlic, roasted peppers, paprika, and a pinch of mint leaves in an Old World-style clay pot and baking until roasted, this dish is as unique as they come! It is served hot or cold.

The Macedonian region is also an eminent producer of top class fruits, which fresh or processed are exported worldwide. We have selected the best and most tasteful fruits and put them in jars as compotes, preserves and jams. Our jams and preserves are nothing more than fresh fruits preserved in the fruit's natural sugars, water, citric acid and additional sugars, preserving the fruit and its taste.

Tasty djuvec made from peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, carrots, onion, parsley, tomato sauce, sunflower oil, salt, spices.

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Baga food is a factory specialized in processing and conserving of premium quality fruit and vegetable products, originating from the fertile Macedonian land. The factory was established in 2002 and its high quality VAVA products for a very short period succeed to conquer the markets and consumer in Europe, USA and Australia. The synergy of excellent Mediterranean climate, long tradition in growing agricultural products and using modern manufacturing technology resulted with production of high quality, healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable products. Production processes does not include usage of preservatives, artificial colors and additives, which makes Va- Va products 100% natural. Our products are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten free.

What began in 2002 as a production of few products from processed vegetable today has developed into a successful company that includes more than 50 fruit and vegetable products and specialties in the production program. The brand Vа-Vа is a synonym for premium quality, taste of tradition and consumer care. In the future we will stay committed to our goal, to satisfy the consumer needs, maintaining the high quality of the products, keeping up with the new trends and bringing the taste of tradition to the consumers worldwide.

We have a local chain of self-serving restaurants where we offer ready to eat homemade prepared meals

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