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Autostrada Lushnje - Fier, km8, Gorre, Lushnje, Albania
Albania,Lushnje, Lushnje, 9001

NACE Codes
  • C.10.51 - Operation of dairies and cheese making
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The dairy processing plant SOAL Ltd started its activity in 1994 as a small handicraft factory with limited processing capacity. The main market was Tirana. We have always been in the spirit of cooperation with the customer where the slightest remark would be analyzed in detail. This spirit of cooperation led to capacity building and in 2000 the dairy factory was built with modern standards and machinery. The construction of the new factory and the increase of production capacities made the market and the product range increased. The process of producing products automatically with a closed cycle brought about and perfected the quality of the products. The following was installed in the factory and the laboratory that analyzes daily raw material and ready-made products before they enter the market. Currently, SOAL products are traded throughout Albania. Milk processing with modern machinery, storage of products and their transportation under refrigeration conditions make the customer have fresh and safe products on the table.

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The milk processing plant "SOAL" is a certified factory where milk is collected from farmed cows controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture. Within 2 hours of the milking process, all the tests are carried out in the factory lab and immediately enter the other stages of processing. The factory is certified with the international standard ISO 22000: 2005.

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- Filtering, Mechanical filtering of milk by very thin sieves.

- Cleaning With Bactophan which removes spores, bacteria, impurities and somatic cells at 98%.

-pasterization Removal of fat in percent by product type.

- Homogenization The homogenizer performs uniform fat dissolution throughout the product.Temperature treatment by product type All these processes are handled through a modern and modern technology. The whole process from getting milk to packing is carried out with a closed cycle. The factory applies the international standard EU-ISO 22000:2005 The factory is run by a professional staff with many years of experience. With quality in production and seriousness at work, the company "SOAL" enjoys a strong image in the Albanian market.

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Aiming to increase its production capacity of milk production and is looking for interested partners to cooperate under reciprocal production, representation and distribution agreement.

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