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29 Noemvri 1/26

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  • C.10.32 - Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juice
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Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juice concentrate

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Economic Chamber of Macedonia

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Company Products

Main product of Vita Res currently is apple concentrate with high quality, produced by all standards. The apple concentrate is produced from apple from Prespa, which is known for its quality worldwide.

With the existing equipment can be processed other types of fruit (cherry, raspberry, plum, grape, blueberry and others) in concentrate. Our future plans and business activities are : production of fruit pulp, jam and fruit juices

Company Services

Vita Res turned into industrial facility for the processing of fruit and fruit juices in 2009 and began to invest in modern equipment for production of fruit concentrates, and started with work on 27.09.2010.The manufacturing process is automated with the latest technology. In the factory is installed equipment from world famous brands: Bucher, Westfalia, Vello and Termohran. The whole production process is monitored by highly trained staff, which cares about the quality of the product.Our factory own laboratory with modern equipment to monitor quality and safety of the product.The capacity of the producing line iis processing 5 tons of raw materials per hour in fruit concentrate with high quality.Vita Res possess the required standards HACCP and ISO 9001:2008.Our future plans are other business activities, such as: production of fruit pulp, jam, fruit juices and further increase the range of products, which will increase sales in our country and on foreign markets, and in same time we will increase the human resources to provide quality manufacturing process.

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Cooperation with manufacturers od soft drinks and fruit juices

Economic Sector: C11.0.7 - Manufacture of soft drinks; production of mineral waters and other bottled waters Offer Type: Distribution