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Lagja 3, Sheshi "Liria", EGT Centert, Kati 7, Durres, Albania
Albania,Durres, Albania, 2001

NACE Codes
  • H.49.10 - Passenger rail transport, interurban
  • H.49.20 - Freight rail transport
  • H.49.41 - Freight transport by road
  • H.49.42 - Removal services
Export Activity

Dyrrahsped was founded in 1993 based in Durres. Dyrrahsped activity is based on the field of forwarding, naval and customs agencies, and transportation within and outside the country.In 1993, was the only company that offer quality and professional service based on one of the most qualified staff in the country. During these years, the company has made processing large volumes of goods at the port of Durres and its distribution throughout Albania in cooperation with private entities, organizations and public company Stocks of the State, Red Cross, etc. UNMCR. It has also carried out transport operations to probe serious drilling on behalf of foreign companies that have operated and are operating in the field of hydrocarbons as: • INA NATTAPLIN, • OXY (OKSIDENTA Petroleum) • PREMIR OIL, • Anglo-ang Petroleum, • Bankers Petroleum, • THE COMPANYSTERN ATLAS, • Simmons Drilling etc. In the field of services for these categories, Dyrrahsped is the most qualified company in Albania, thanks to 15 years’ experience in this business. This company has a transportation capacity of 250 tons, storage square 5000 m2 and 1000m2 warehouse. DYRRAHSPED is specialized in the transport of clothing. Provides transportation service in European Community countries as Italy, Austria, Germany, Greece. Stock is part of SIGMA JSC Vienna Insurance Group.

Export Chanels /Export Markets

Italy, Austria, Germany, Greece. Stock is part of SIGMA JSC Vienna Insurance Group.

Firm Info

DYRRAHSPED is a member of the UFO since 2005 (Universal Freight Organisation in London centre) and has partners in over 100 countries. In May 2009, it was honoured with the award Gold Star Award in Geneva.