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Rruga:"Bedri Karapici", Ish Mjetet Mesimore, Tirane, Shqiperi
Albania,Tirane, Tirane, 1001

NACE Codes
  • G.46.32 - Wholesale of meat and meat products
  • G.46.33 - Wholesale of dairy products, eggs and edible oils and fats
  • G.46.36 - Wholesale of sugar and chocolate and sugar confectionery
Export Activity

Roal company it is an enterprise that was created in 2000 as a distribution firm. Since than, our company has grown by expanding its activity every year. Roal food imports food products under exclusive rights from different countries : Austria, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Egypt, etc. Roal Food distributes products that are suitable for the Albanian market. In 2013 the company earned the exclusivity of Soygit Group’ products imported from Turkey with the famous brand Kent Boringer. The year 2014 reserved another pleasant collaboration with the Vital company. Partners: Alpsko; Argeta, Galinjia, Kent Boringer, Maestro, Spak, Vital, Lece Pascual, Midav

Export Chanels /Export Markets

Austria, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Egypt

Company Products

Canned products as powder: Vegeta Bujon soup, various spices.

Canned products in the liquid form : ketchup mustard mayonnaise pate, various sauces

Products such as milk, fruit yogurt, triangle cheese

Cooperative Offers

Interested to find company that are interested to subcontract it as the main distributor in the territory of the Albanian Republic.

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