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s. Novaci

NACE Codes
  • A.01.11 - Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds
  • A.01.41 - Raising of dairy cattle
  • A.01.50 - Mixed farming
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EU, Kosovo

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ZK Pelagonija is a leading company in agriculture in the Republic of Macedonia. The main activity of the company is primarily agricultural production from: field crops as wheat, barley, oil rapeseed, sunflower, corn grain, corn silage; farming and small cattle, livestock production, fishing, gardening and fruit fodder. In its production activity it includes production and finishing of seed material for field, industrial and forage crops and production of concentrates for all types of cattle. The high level of technical and technological knowledge, the continuous improvement of the quantity and quality of dairy production as well as introduction of new varieties and high-yield hybrids, contributes to maintain and strengthen the position on the domestic market and opening space for conquest on foreign markets in the region. ZK Pelagonija, as a company that follows the global trends in agriculture and farming, has modern and modernized facilities, is in tone with its latest developments. The company is constantly investing in increasing the cultivated areas, livestock, mechanization, as well as in its personnel. Through these efforts, the company has the primate of the largest food producer in the Republic of Macedonia with special emphasis on the continuity of successful satisfaction of the needs of the consumers. ZK Pelagonija started its independent development in 1991 as a socially owned enterprise and as such it was until 09.05.1997 when it was registered as a holding company. The management of the company is organized with single-stage system through the Board of directors. Based on a lease agreement concluded on 15. 10.1998 with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water economy, ZK Pelagonija is processing 17.350,25 hectares from which 234 hectares are fishfarms.

Company Products

Corn The most significant guide for the desired quality and yield from corn crops, is appropriate manufacturing technology. Corn The most significant guide for the desired quality and yield from corn crops, is appropriate manufacturing technology. Here, in ZK Pelagonija is used reputable and modern technology in order to get the desired quality and quantity... More Wheat We are growing wheat sorts that provide high quality production, thanks to the cooperation with a number of scientific institutions Barley The high yield that we accomplished is a result from the high quality sorts that we apply for planting. Sunflower By introducing new high quality hybrids in the production, we have achieved remarkably outputs. Soya Tremendous invests are made for this culture. Enlarging the arable area under soya and sowing several seed sorts, in order to make the proper seed choice, adequate for the agro - environmental conditions of this region. Cherries The altitude of more than 600 meters is excellent place for the development of this culture, combining the proper technology we aim for better productivity and quality. Alfalfa For the purpose of healthy and well balanced animal food, and in order to enable sustainable farming, we use alfalfa which is one of the leading cultures in our production . Sorghum Even though small area is occupied with this culture, we receive feed with great quality and it is useful for production of concentrates. Grass mix Weeds are great source for animal food. They protect the soil from erosion, and threated with relevant care, the farm will benefit a lot from this culture.

Milk On our farms, where high standards are obeyed and great attention is given to the hygiene policy, with proper and highly recommended food regime, we accomplish safe production and healthy milk. Calves Top selection adherence with European standards for growing, protection and hygiene, are conditions for good quality and healthy breeding. Lambs On the slopes of the Mountain Nidze, where favorable clime exists and the location is convenient for lamb growing, we achieve significant reproduction. Pigs Livestock that is grown with great care, with excellent quality of the pork meat. We have expertise who take care for every individual separately, the farming and hygiene are directed by the latest standards. Fishes Our reproductive center provides our two ponds with high quality types of commercial fish.