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  • M.74.90 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
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Tradiebot is developing the workshop of the future using Industry 4.0 Technologies – creating and adapting modular automated systems and smart platforms that improve efficiencies and drive productivity in the automotive repair environment. Our systems integrate and evolve seamlessly within each business, providing solutions for cost reduction, productivity gains, quality management, faster repair times, workforce up-skilling and waste minimisation.

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Tradiebot is spearheading the INDUSTRY 4.0 revolution providing automated solutions and new skills for the automotive repair industry. Tradiebot is developing technology platforms that integrates digital wizardry, robotics, scanning, ar / vr and 3D printing. Our smart platforms will integrate knowledge and expert systems that can fast track training and deliver an up-skilled workforce. The global manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation with how work is to be done. We need to be smarter, faster and more agile to accommodate the rapid changes in market demand. Tradiebot is developing the technology to adapt, repair and rebuild, our systems bring knowledge and mastery of skills to your fingertips with a tap on a touch screen. Design detail and sophisticated machines will take the time and tedium out of even the most complex preparation and repair processes. We’re both pioneer and a fast follower. With an evolving technology platform we will become the definition of innovation, pushing the boundaries and continuing to learn. Our industry needs to work smarter, faster and be more agile to accommodate the rapid changes in market demand. Tradiebot is developing technology to help businesses adapt, comply, assess, repair and rebuild. Our systems bring knowledge and skills transfer to your fingertips whilst we develop an ever-expanding catalogue of data intelligence to be used for various applications across trade and manufacturing industries. We’re addressing the skills gap and shortage of new workforce coming into trade based industries such as automotive repair. We’re developing smart systems that will focus on taking the pain out of routine tasks performed within the repair facility such as wiping, scuffing, washing and movements of parts as well as quoting, ordering, and accurate record keeping. Our Artificial intelligence (AI) software is the tool to enhance efficiency. It will be a vital link with the Internet of Things (IoT), collaborative robot systems (co-bots) and data processing. With machine learning, AI will allow Tradiebot machines and our customers to work intuitively together, faster and smarter. These systems provide essential real-time information for business decisions. Using virtual and augmented reality, we’re able to create live interactive smart platforms that enable training and information to be intuitive, accessible anywhere anytime, when training or upskilling your work force. The systems enable the users to create and access new procedures and content stored in the database with intelligent feedback and advice for continuous improvement.