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Bulgaria,Stara Zagora, Stara Zagora, 6000

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NACE Codes
  • B.06.10 - Extraction of crude petroleum
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Romania, Greece, Italy

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Pellets producers are usually large woodworking companies. In the production process, it is not necessary to add additional chemical adhesives to the biomass used. Our pellets are produced of raw timber. The actual wood pellets production process includes the following stages – wood bulky grinding, drying, fine grinding, pressing, cooling, packaging and storing, and while using dry timber, our production installation automatically humidifies the timber. The pellets are shaped in a pellet press at high pressure and temperature. The pressure causes heating, which allows the lignin contained in the timber to melt down at a temperature above 100 degrees, which in turn allows the pressed wood to obtain the desired shape. The hot lignin serves like an adhesive.


The wood chips of EP 2012 EOOD are produced of logged cellulose timber, timber of rearranging logging or timber of salvage logging. Depending on the type of timber we produce wood chips of oak and pine hardwood timber. As professionals in the field of woodworking, our company fully complies with the difference between the various timber species – soft and hard, which determines the density and the different energy value. Based on the long-term experience in the woodwork, our company emphasizes on the advantages of the wood chips as a solid biofuel at a reasonable price.

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Our product ‘Peak Power Pellets’ is made of 100% cellulose (round timber) from areas with controlled production mainly from the central part of Stara Planina. The raw material input neither contains sawdust from the woodworking industry nor slabs (waste material from the production of wooden beams and planks). This means we can achieve extremely high quality which we maintain each year. Thus, the pellets which we will deliver you today will not differ from the pellets next season.

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WE produce the ECO PELLETS of crushed biomass, pressed and adhered under high pressure and high temperature /degradation of natural wood lignin/. Compared to the firewood and other sources of energy, the pellets produce more heat upon combustion, increasing the efficiency of the boiler installations, do not require large storage area and do not self-ignite.

NACE Codes

  • B.06.10 - Extraction of crude petroleum
Economic Sector: C16.1 - Sawmilling and planing of wood Offer Type:
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NACE Codes

  • B.06.10 - Extraction of crude petroleum
Economic Sector: C16.1 - Sawmilling and planing of wood Offer Type: Distribution