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"Pro Tent System" Ltd.
№ 77, Tsar Boris III Blvd.
Bulgaria,Sofia, Sofia, 1000

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"Pro Tent System" Ltd. specializes in the manufacture and sale of custom-made sun protection equipment for residential, commercial and public buildings. Thanks to a wide range of products with a wide choice of configurations, we are able to meet the needs of the most demanding designers, architects and professionals.

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Company Products
Sliding glass system Photos

Made of safety toughened glass, the glass systems provide protection and are able to withstand wind, noise and UV rays. The combination of multi-purpose seals and the support frame profile stop the cold currents and help maintain a good temperature "Sliding glass system: -Frameless panoramaic glazing - threshold / no threshold; -8 mm / 10 mm tempered toughened glass; -Maximum size: Maximum width: glass 8 mm – 620 mm; glass 10 mm - 1000 mm; Maximum height: glass 8 mm – 2000 mm; glass 10 mm – 2500-3000 mm. -Manual control: wings are assembled in any corner in whole or in part; -Side aluminum frame 90 mm; -Locking system; -N seal against water, wind, etc."

BioClima pergolas with aluminium lamellae Photos

Made of powder-coated aluminum profiles with PVC-coated roofing (Blackout) or aluminum lamellae, they are extremely resistant to wind, rain and snow and serve to cover huge residential and commercial areas. "BioClima pergolas with aluminium lamellae: -Completely mobile roofing system, made of insulated aluminum lamellae with adjustable movement and gradual rotation from 0 ° (closed position) to 75 ° (open position); -Invisible installation; -The control mechanism is located in the supporting roller guides; -Built-in drainage system; -Rubber seals for water and wind; -Drive – Somfy motor in a box; -No slope; -Snow load – 200-250 kg / sq.m"

Awnings Photos

"Pro Tent System" Ltd. offers a wide range of high quality awnings """Pro Tent System"" Ltd. offers the following types of awnings: "" Winter garden awning"", ""Balcony awnings"", ""Large-scale awnings"", Awnings with breaking shoulder"", ""Twisted awnings"" , etc. All products are made of high quality materials and have a quality guarantee."

Company Services

The main activity of "Pro Tent System" Ltd. is the manufacture and sale of sun protection equipment """Pro Tent System"" Ltd. has rich experience in the manufacture of sun protection equipment.The company constantly invests in the renovation of machinery and equipment and uses only the most up-to-date and quality technologies and materials.Our main suppliers are leading manufacturers and traders certified to quality standards. Our goal is to meet the needs of the market by offering high quality and efficient products and services and providing comfort, protection and optimal energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs"

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"Pro Tent System" Ltd. offers custom-made sun protection equipment designed for residential, commercial and public buildings.

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  • C.16.23 - Manufacture of other builders' carpentry and joinery
Economic Sector: Manufacture Offer Type: Raw materials/product
Cooperative Search

"Pro Tent System" Ltd. Is looking for distributors of sun protection equipment for partnership.

NACE Codes

  • C.16.23 - Manufacture of other builders' carpentry and joinery
Economic Sector: wholesale Offer Type: Distribution