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15-ti Korpus bb
FYROM,Ohrid, Ohrid, 6000

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  • C.28.99 - Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery n.e.c.
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Economic Chamber of Macedonia

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Ariazone International has been involved in the air conditioning industry for over 40 years, in the field of service, design and manufacturing air conditioning service and test equipment. In June 2006, Ariazone International and The Refrigerant Oil Company joined forces to revolutionize automotive air conditioning service equipment and A/C system lubrication. The Ariazone range of servicing equipment comprises of a number of systems, which can be applied to the automotive and industrial air conditioning industry. Our rapid expansion has enabled us to expand our manufacturing facility in Europe (Republic of Macedonia) and distributors in the Europe, Asia, Middle East with more opportunities pending. Ariazone service equipment uses state of the art design including features never before seen in the A/C service industry, winning the Australian Design Award in 1994 and 2000 and also receiving the prestigious Power House Museum Award.

Company Products
Ariazone Tyre Protector Photos

Ariazone Tyre Protector is a nitrogen generator which produces pure and dry nitrogen from compressed air with a purity of 95%. It operates with the latest membrane gas separation technology. This device is completely pneumatically operated and controlled.


Compressor oil - AA1 Compressor oil with Fluoroscent dye - PL68 Vacuum pump Oil - VP1

Electronic Scale Photos

The Ariazone 501 is the ultimate choice for fast and efficient charging. The unit features the latest electronic intelligence making it precise and simple to use.

Air conditioning equipment Photos

Fully automatic unit suitable for servicing passenger, light commercial vehicles including trucks and mini buses a/c systems. An on-board database allows the user to find proper charging weights and lubricant types.

Refrigerant Recovery Recycling Unit Photos

A compact, robust recovery unit ideal for the mobile specialist or small workshop professional. A clever purchase.