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High–Way Tirana–Durrës 7, Albania
Albania,Tirane, Tirane, 1000

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NACE Codes
  • C.25.11 - Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures
  • C.25.12 - Manufacture of doors and windows of metal
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Wholesale and retail trade and import/export of other Industrial goods

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C.25.11 - Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures  C.25.12 - Manufacture of doors and windows of metal Photos

Alumil S.A. is the largest privately-owned aluminium extrusion group in South-East Europe, in terms of production, distribution network and range of aluminium profile systems. It is among the top suppliers of branded aluminium systems for architectural use in Europe. With more than 30 years of experience, Alumil is one of the most advanced companies globally in the design and production of aluminium extrusion products with state – of – the art production lines in all its factories. Alumil produces aluminium systems which are designed and developed in the Group's R&D Department and then tested and certified by internationally accredited certification institutes and laboratories, such as Ift Rosenheim (Germany), A.A.M.A (USA), Instituto Jordano (Italy), EKANAL (Greece),etc. Industrial facilities 11 aluminium extrusion lines 8 powder coating lines 1 foundry for billet production 2 anodizing plants 10 thermal break assembly lines 1 production site for interior doors, entrance and security doors 3 manufacturing plant for roll-formed aluminum-foam filled profiles 1 production site for elevators 4 manufacturing plants for system accessories 1 manufacturing plant for aluminum composite panels 1 manufacturing plant for polycarbonate sheets Production capacity 106.000 tons of aluminium extrusion 57.500 tons of powder coating 65.000 tons of billets 10.000 tons of anodized aluminium 45.000 tons of thermal broke profiles 800.000 m2 aluminium composite panels 800.000 m2 polycarbonate sheets 10.000.000 m polyamide profiles

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Alumil categorizes its window frame systems in opening and sliding: Opening systems They offer effective insulation, high safety; they are available in several types and typologies and support glazing, insects net, shutters or external rolls The span reaches the whole system opening dimensions, but needs a big interior space in order to be functional Are mostly used in South Europe and mainly placed in individual and rural residences as well as in special constructions They are also used in replacements / refurbishments of old wooden frames Are ideal for traditional style contractions Are available with or without thermal isolation Compared to sliding aluminium systems they offer unlimited applications and solutions. They also incorporate a lot of accessories and mechanisms, covering each particular requirement, thus being priced higher Sliding systems Economy of space is the main advantage of these systems. Thus, they are mainly used in mass constructions – blocks of flats - where economy of space is a necessity Sliding systems consist a trait of the Greek window market and used to have the largest market share in the ' 70s and ' 80s The current lines are fully adapted to the market needs and offer high sound reduction and heat insulation attributes They need minimum space in order to function and support glazing, insects net, shutters and external rolls They can either be embodied in the wall (offering the full extent of the opening) or placed externally They can also be double-folded in the centre of the opening, or parallel moving one on top of the other or multi-door with proportional operation. Fabricator actions Aluminium frame manufacturing companies (fabricators) should focus on the following points: Have in stock and offer technical catalogs and booklets of system series Maintain an updated showroom with samples of all aluminium systems Well-educated employees with high level of professionalism A detailed offer should include: name of the aluminium system series, producer's name, technical characteristics, name of accessories, type of glazing, delivery time, cost and way of payment. In addition, fabricators should present new developments and products such as shutters, insect nets and roles. Service crew in charge of installations, should be well- trained professionals, polite, responsive to inquiries and offer high quality services. Provide high level of after sales service

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Concluding in a distribution agreement with foreign industry SMEs would be suitable, in order to distribute the Albanian company's glass and aluminium products. These kind of collaboration and services required will directly indicate to the extension of their activity to the European market of glass products,as well as comemrcial agents and representatives who should represent its products and services in the foreign markets

Economic Sector: Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems Offer Type: