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Agna Group
Highway Tiranë-Durrës Km 1 Postal Code 1001 Tiranë/Albania
Albania,Tirana, Tirana, 1001

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NACE Codes
  • G.46.90 - Non-specialised wholesale trade
Export Activity

Import of export of industrial and food goods, materials construction, agricultural and livestock production, beverage production and sale alcoholic, spare parts, their wholesale and retail trade as well and cargo and passenger transport. AGNA Group operates in Greece, Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

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Bring together a bottler, a distributor, advertiser, merchandiser, constructor and real estate agent and you have the AGNA Group. The first company Anonime Kakavi, was set up in 1991, from Vasil NAÇI, Kosta SOTIRI, Kristo NAÇI, Grigorios TZOUMAKAS and Georgios ZOIDIS, as an importer and exclusive distributor of well known brands in the categories of dry foods, detergents, cosmetics and cigarettes. ALFA S.A. was founded in 1992 as the exclusive distributor of Amstel and Pepsi Co. A year later, ALFA S.A. was founded as exclusive distributor of Amstel and Pepsi Co. In 1997, Alfa S.A. constructed a modern factory in the village of Glina, which extended its activities of production of Glina Water and other beverages. That success lead Alfa S.A. to receive the status of Official Bottler and Distributor for Pepsi on the territory of Albania in 1999. ALBARTEX LLC was purchased in 2001, entering the outdoor advertising sector with 65 % of the actual market share. In 2003, ONTIME CONCEPT was established. This company offers different services including the organization of special events, promotion, market studies, and media relations, thereby fulfilling the needs of other companies operating in Albania. AGNA INVESTITOR completes the picture as the Group’s construction and real estate agent in Albania and further. Over the years, this company has created a very important portfolio of investments. In 2010, AGNA Corp. was created as the merger of ANONIME KAKAVI S.A and AGNA INVESTITOR. AGNA Corporation has two main divisions: distribution and real estate.

Company Products

It offers the distribution services of Waters (Glina and Spring), Beers (Heineken), Fruit Juices (Fructal), Diageo (Smirnoff), Alcoholic Drinks, Energy Drinks, Wines and Cider

Sanitary Napkins

Glina What sets Glina water apart from other waters on the market are the curative values, and its minerals richness. Glina is the perfect water for any age. Glina helps our body to improve our metabolism, as well as the digestive and urinary tract. Glina is rich in Calcium which is another very important mineral for having healthy bones. For many years, Glina has been well known for its ability to naturally eliminate kidney and gall stones by also preventing their reproduction. The quality of Glina water has both ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 international standard Certifications. Glina is exported to the Balkans, USA, EU, and Canada.

Company Services

Agna Group established the Agna Leadership Academy; and the first employee training session was held on January 27, 2012. The first of its kind in Albania and the Balkans, and one of few in Europe, The Agna Leadership Academy will help employees grow professionally by reference to the best standards of modern business. Also, it will help to cultivate a leadership culture. The Academy consists of three levels, a permanent training staff, as well as part-time professors from Albania, Kosovo, Europe and India. The modules are conceived to have direct application in business practices.

International ALPHA Construction Ltd is strategically oriented to investment and construction activities, founded in 2003, with office in Belgrade. Though a young company, they have built residential-business buildings of 3500 m2 with two levels of underground garages, two commercial spaces, and 31 apartments with their own residential storage space. They enjoy great respect from clients and business partners both due to previous co-operation and preciseness, responsibility and respect of all agreements and deadlines. International Alpha Construction Ltd is a high aspiring company having already achieved results, offering employees to recognize their full potential. Their aim is to become a leading company in construction investments. They want their name to be a synonym of quality, efficiency, reliability, and comfort. These high goals will be reached respecting European standards, fair co-operation with clients, and with the capability to accept innovations.

Sasaj HPP is located in the South-West part of Albania, close to the coast of the Ionian Sea. Sasaj is on the highway connecting Vlora to Saranda, and approximately 20 km away from the city of Saranda. The project area, along with the south-west seacoast of Albania are one of most beautiful zones of Albania, with the highest potential for touristic development. The axle of Sasaj HPP is set in the West part of Lukova village, along Buneci River, in front of Sasaj. This HPP is of derivation type, it has an installed capacity of 8,000 kW (2x4000 kW) and annual average output of 38 million kWh, deducting water usage for irrigation purpose. The average flow is 3.2 m3/sec and calculation head 217 m.

Cooperative Offers

The company offers distribution and representation services to the most well known trademarks operating in Albania and abroad.

Economic Sector: Wholesale Trade Offer Type: Distribution