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Totalserve Management Limited
Gr. Xenopoulou 17
Cyprus,Limassol, Europe, 3106

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NACE Codes
  • M.69.10 - Legal activities
Company Services

Our appointed Data Protection Officer and Privacy team are able to advise local and multinational companies on all aspects of data privacy, security and information management, including: - Drafting of agreements on Data Processing, Disclosure and Confidentiality. Examination of the controls for collecting, processing, storing, retaining and destroying data and providing legal assistance for compliance. Issuance of legal opinions on data protection and electronic commerce issues. Drafting or reviewing of privacy policies. Impact assessments in certain personal data processing activities. - Legal advice regarding the processing of personal data in the employment context and health organizations and/or companies that are processing sensitive data. - Content issues, terms and conditions relating to websites. - Advising on any other data security considerations relating to personal mobile devices and installations of CCTV’S.

- International Tax Structuring and Consultancy - Cyprus Tax and VAT - Tax advisory on various types of Cyprus companies

Our international team of corporate lawyers and other professional consultants spanning across 11 offices worldwide possess the necessary expertise and extensive know-how of the jurisdictions, legislation and local corporate environments within which they operate so as to deliver effective solutions pertaining to all corporate and related services. The main services offered worldwide are: - Company formation globally - Redomiciliation of companies - Corporate Management and Domiciliation Services - Representation Services - Corporate Secretarial - Corporate reorganization and resolution

Totalserve assists in the incorporation and licensing of companies involved in the provision of investment services and activities domestically and abroad. Advisory support is offered as well as assistance with the incorporation of Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs) and UCITS Management Companies; and the completion of licensing applications to the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC). Totalserve may assist with the incorporation and licensing of regulated entities in Cyprus and abroad. Our professional teams are well acquainted with the regulatory systems and regulatory authorities in the jurisdictions in which such services are being offered. Through our network of professionals in a number of jurisdictions, we assist with all steps of incorporation and licensing of such entities. We co-ordinate the drafting and compiling of relevant license application documents and the submission of same to regulatory authorities, as well as act as liaisons between the applicant and the regulatory authorities throughout the authorisation process. Totalserve may also assist clients to obtain professional legal and other technical advice on various legal, regulatory and compliance requirements in the jurisdiction of domicile of the regulated entity in question. We also assist clients to meet the various licensing and operational requirements as well as to select the appropriate functionaries that are necessary for the operation of their regulated entities Regulated entities include but are not limited to: - Credit Institutions - Payment Services Institutions (PSIs) - Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) - Investment Funds (UCITS and NON-UCITS) - Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) - UCIT Management Companies - Investment Firms (IFs) - Insurance Companies - Bureaux de Change Businesses

Our primary practice areas are: - Formation of Cyprus International Trusts We focus on understanding our client’s objectives and the intended purpose for the trust creation. The trust formation’s fundamental principles are identified and adjusted in accordance with the merits of the case at hand. - Trust administration We are well-versed and experienced in accommodating our clients’ wishes by offering an unparalleled degree of personal attention. Internal controls, policies and procedures ensure the utmost confidentiality throughout the duration of the trust. - Provision of Trustee and Protector services We have been diligently and consistently protecting our client’s assets for more than 25 years and are often the firm of choice for reputable international affiliations. - Estate planning The particular needs and objectives of each client determine the scope of their estate planning strategy. All relevant factors are carefully considered to ensure our clients’ wishes are duly implemented with the interests of each class of beneficiaries adequately protected. - Trust re-domiciliation In cooperation with a wide range of international trust experts, we can assist with the re-domiciliation of trusts to and from Cyprus. - Trust related advisory Our team has intimate knowledge of the applicable trust laws as well as the corporate and tax environment, thus ensuring our clients receive well rounded and spherical advice.

Financial advisory services include: - Long term projects - Trade and real estate finance - Equipment finance - Equity finance - Financing for Infrastructure, Water, Energy and Waste related projects

Our escrow agent services are used in a variety of corporate, business and commercial transactions, including but not limited to: - Mergers & Acquisitions - Corporate Finance and Security transactions - Real Estate Property Acquisitions - Other transactions involving transfers of valuable personal and business properties - Other commercial business transactions involving transfers of funds on fulfillment of certain conditions, warranties or services as per the particular contractual arrangement in question Our professional escrow agent assists with the provision of customised escrow agreement reflecting the commercial terms of the transaction in question as set out in the relevant transaction documents.

The aim of our Shipping Department is to attend to the needs of ship owners, ship operators and other professionals engaged in shipping and related business. Our department specializes in providing Cyprus, BVI, Malta, Belize, Dominica and Marshall Islands flag services.

The real estate team has comprehensive knowledge of the Cyprus immovable property market and cooperates with property developers across the island. Identifying a suitable property to purchase or rent and the offering of professional guidance during the entire phase relating to the acquisition of property ensures our clients’ interests are safeguarded. Advise can be provided relating to residential and commercial properties; either those are of a freehold or leasehold nature. Legal consultants can provide consultation and support pertaining to all immovable property related transactions and matters including: • Due diligence search on immovable property in Cyprus • Obtaining permit to own immovable property for non-EU nationals • Property consultation of residential or commercial property for local, EU and third-country citizens • Business plan for property development • Management and administration of estate for non-residents

The full facet of serviced office facilities including dedicated office space or independent facilities is offered in Cyprus and Luxembourg. According to the specific requirements and needs of our clients, Totalserve can assist in identifying suitable properties, draft all relevant agreements, source equipment, arrange for the provision of IT support and, if required, help with locating, interviewing and hiring specialised local personnel. Scope of services include: - Shared/Fully owned office space - Office automation (fax, telephone, printer, desktop / laptop) - Internet and Network Services - Staff hiring - Other services upon request

We provide legal immigration services to our clients to facilitate the secure and successful issuance of work visas, residency permits and acquirement of citizenship in Cyprus. Our team of immigration lawyers who have up to date knowledge of the current Immigrations Laws and Regulations, in cooperation with the tax advisory team who are well acquainted with the Tax Regulatory system and Tax Regulations, can provide effective, integrated immigration and tax advice to all nationals in relation but not limited to the following immigration legal related services: Acquisition of citizenship by investment Acquisition of citizenship by years of residence in Cyprus Acquisition of citizenship as a spouse of a Cypriot citizen Accelerated permanent residence permit Permanent residence permit under the normal procedure Residence permit for European Union citizens Temporary residence permit Employment permit Student permit Housemaid permit Visitor permit Totalserve’s team of lawyers coordinates the collection of required documents. They can also assist with the drafting of employment contracts as well as contracts of sale for all kind of real estate properties; review and draft rental agreements; and provide other legal services in relation to the completion and delivery of any type of investment. The frequent and close monitoring of each case with the Immigration Authorities and relevant Ministries is guaranteed for the fast and successful delivery of any of the aforementioned. Our global presence and long standing relationship with our international network of associates enables us to assist our clients in obtaining citizenship and residence permits in other countries. It is how we can also provide a tailor-made global mobility strategy to each client’s business and personal needs.

Accounting and audit services are offered via Totalserve’s closely associated firms. These services include: Bookkeeping/Accounting Audit Consolidation accounts Tax and VAT Compliance Due Diligence Business consultancy Liquidations/Strike Off Tax and VAT Registration Payroll services Personal income tax Capital Gains Tax