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Mjalte Morava sh.p.k
Morava, Korca/Abania
Albania,Korca, Korca, 7000

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Export of Butter, honey, marmalade, propolis, wax candles, royal jelly. Since 2009, the company exports honey in Kosovo, USA, Switzerland, China

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Honey and other premium products such as propolis, candle wax and royal jelly Photos

Albanian company located in South East Albania specialized in honey production is looking for new cooperation possibilities among foreign distributors. The Albanian entrepreneur is offering: - natural honey: honey with an open color (collar, acacia, clover), brown (lavender) or almost black (chestnuts, pine); - premium products: milk bee, marmalade butter, candle wax, and propolis, royal jelly. The company cooperates with many local, regional and Albanian companies like bakeries, hotel and restaurants. The company has been active on the local market for over 25 years. It has a long and rich tradition in honey production. The whole family was engaged for many years in that family business. Honey come from regional, local bee yards with a surface of 1000 m2. The company also has packaging capacity and packages hundreds of tons every year in all confections, in glass jars of various sizes. The company also has a laboratory with modern equipment for auto control of the products where every the honey is subject to much analysis.

Cooperative Search

The Albanian producer would like to establish long-term cooperation with distributors abroad, who have experience in the food sector and the possibility to promote the Albanian products among local bars, bakeries, restaurants, hotels etc.

Economic Sector: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products Offer Type: