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Autostrada Tirane-Durres, Km 0
Albania,Tirane, Tirane, 1000

NACE Codes
  • A.01.61 - Support activities for crop production
  • A.01.62 - Support activities for animal production
  • A.01.63 - Post-harvest crop activities
  • A.01.64 - Seed processing for propagation
Export Activity

The company is actually exporting in Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland and Kosovo.

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Firm Info

"VIGA" shpk is an active leather factory processing since more than 25 years, it is an important reality on an international level.The company is organized in collecting fresh leather all over Albania and different countries in the Balkans and Europe where it has 18 branch and butchery. VIGA transforms fresh leather in Wet Blu and Picel, recent years also Krast even according to the requirements of partners. We manufacture all types of leathers also for medium articles and all types of items. We have professional and trade cooperation with prestigious factories in Italy and beyond. Quality, cooperation, speed, precision, innovation, technological development, attention to safety of skilled workers and the environment are the goals that the company follows each day for more than twenty-five years. The quality management system in accordance with international standards as well as the National Environmental certification is a guarantee of professionalism and social responsibility, which are fundamental value in the management and daily operations of the whole group. We are a group that we seek good cooperative to be together in the production and completion of each item that the market requires. Viga is a tannery, where 100% of its technology is Italian model where power is based on the development in cooperation with factories producing chemical products such as Biokimika Group. The main customers are are on Italy and in the surrounding countries .. Our generating capacity: 400,000 / 500,000 pq for month. Our motive is to organize - correctness, we are exactly what we do constantly. VARIETY of leather products are like wet blue,wet wite(Beef in the thickness 1,2 / 1,5mm - 1,6 / 1,8mm, Cowhide in thickness 1,2 / 1,4mm - 1,2 / 1,5mm),Krast,fodera krast,ect.The company is located in Berat.

Cooperative Offers

Economic Sector: Agriculture Offer Type: Other
Cooperative Search

The Albanian company is looking for wholesalers or importers to ensure the distribution of its products into the European market. The preferred model of cooperation should be distribution services agreement with a clear aim of cooperation to expand the markets where the Albanian partner can distribute its products under a long term cooperation.

Economic Sector: Agro-Processing industry Offer Type: Distribution