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Lagja Tre Heronjte
Albania,Tepelena, Gjirokaster,

NACE Codes
  • F.41.10 - Development of building projects
  • F.41.20 - Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
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"Vagalat Shpk" is a company, which has its beginnings very soon in the construction, urban infrastructure and construction services sector. Everything started in October 1995 where the company mainly provided topographic works, participation in major urban planning projects and real estate mapping. This is also based on the academic profile of one of the founders of Sefer Hoxha, who holds a qualification in the topography profile. Topographic services continued until the year 2000 where the two brothers Sefer Hoxha and Pano Hoxha decided to further expand the company, which would provide services that would be characterized by standards, quality and professionalism. "Vagalat Shpk" was further expanded in 2000, starting work immediately in the construction sector and trying to realize major projects in infrastructure and industrial construction.

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Economic Sector: Construction Offer Type: Other
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The company is open to all kind of partners who want to cooperate with the Albanian one in the construction activities.

Economic Sector: Construction sector Offer Type: Other