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Rr. Fadil Rada, pallati Mulliri I Vjeter, Nr.3, Tirane
Albania,Tirane, Tirane, 1000

NACE Codes
  • F.42.11 - Construction of roads and motorways
  • F.42.12 - Construction of railways and underground railways
  • F.42.13 - Construction of bridges and tunnels
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The company is actually exporting in U.S.A ,Africa

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As a member of Gruppo Industriale Maccaferri -Italy, MACCAFERRI BALKANS sh pk focuses on ;Infrastructure projects in sectors such as roads, railways,rivers, canals, landfills, coastal protection and constructioncivilian for sale and marketing in the territory of Albania,Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM) and everywhere else defined by the Administration Authority. Production of products with double twisting, such as gabions, materases and nets, and Geo-synthetic products used to solve problems regarding the erosion control, the stabilization of the terrain.Maccaferri Balkans shpk is equipped with "Authorization for Active Processing Regime, RPA"

Company Services

Infrastructure projects in sectors such as roads, railways,rivers etc

Cooperative Offers

The albania company offers Infrastructure projects in sectors such as roads, railways,rivers.

Economic Sector: Engineering Offer Type: Other