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Greece - Evosmos Thessaloniki - Regional road of Evosmos
Manufacturing company that specializes in furniture industry.

Cyprus - Limassol Limassol - Michalaki Makridi 8
Magnetar Ltd is a consulting, research and project implementation organization. Our main activities include national and EU co-funded projects in the sectors of Entrepreneurship, SME Consulting, Funding Opportunities, Engineering, Energy, Transport and Mobility, Sustainability, Smart Cities, Blue and Green Growth. At the core of Magnetar’s capabilities is a team of experienced and highly trained experts that can provide unique insight in a wide range of research teams and consortia. Its main research and project activities revolve around engineering designs and implementations with focus in: ➢ Entrepreneurship and Innovation. ➢ Energy Saving technologies and techniques for all sectors (Public, Municipalities, Industry and Enterprises). ➢ Sustainable Development. ➢ Environment. ➢ Sustainable and Green Mobility. ➢ Renewable Energy Sources. ➢ Smart Cities and Technologies. ➢ Innovation and New Technologies. ➢ Blue Growth. ➢ Tourism and Culture. Magnetar’s goal is to tackle main problems in the areas mentioned above and within Engineering in general, thus helping in the steering of consortia and society through useful solutions. Main services of the company include: ❖ Developing and implementing EU Funded projects. This includes all steps beginning from the search of funds, drafting an idea, finding partners, writing proposals, suggesting budgets, submitting the proposals, implementing appointed tasks, disseminating the project, developing and submitting reports etc. ❖ Developing inventories (including data analysis), action plans and proposing measures and new technologies for energy saving and sustainable development in Cities, Industry, Enterprises, Schools, Public, Transport and Mobility etc. ❖ Proposing strategies for Urban Planning, including sustainable development, sustainable mobility and Smart Cities solutions.

Greece - Central Macedonia Echedoros, Delta Municipality - Prwtomagias Kalochori
Company specialized in wholesale of electric machinery and equipment

Greece - Central Macedonia Oraiokastro Municipality - Industrial area of Oraiokastro
Company specialized in wholesale of boilers and various machine tools

Greece - Central Macedonia Delta Municipality - 6 Sofia Vempo street
Company specialized in construction of metal structures and parts of structures and of other tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal