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Greece - Attiki Mandra - Β.Μoira, Thesi Ksiropigado
Manufacturing company specialized in the fields of Liquid Waterproofing (Polyurea, PU, hybrid, cementitious & more), Resinous Flooring (epoxy, polyurea, polymer, PUbased), Energy Saving and Repairing solutions.

Greece - Central Macedonia Delta Municipality - Aisopou street, Kalochori
Company specialized in trading and repairing complete compressed air units, pneumatic, vacuum and hydraulic systems

Greece - Central Macedonia Thermaikos Municipality - Industrial area of Michaniona
Company specialized in nets production

Greece - Central Macedonia Delta Municipality - 2-4 Anatolikis Thrakis street
Company specialized in wine production

Greece - Central Macedonia Veria Municipality - 3rd klm. O.N.D. Alexandreia – Veria
Company specialized in chemicals production (fertilizers) and fruits and vegetables trade