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LinkedIn focuses on freelancers and SMEs as worldwide membership soars


LinkedIn has launched a new service aimed at freelancers and small businesses, seeking to capitalise on its burgeoning membership. The social media giant recently reached 660 million users worldwide. Co-founder Allen Blue said the new set of features allows SMEs and freelancers to represent the services they offer on their profiles and allows other people to find them easily. He told Business Line: “We were thinking about where we would launch it worldwide. And we decided that Dubai, where we had talked to these professionals, and where the entire city is focused on the development of small and medium enterprise, would be a great place to go.” Ali Matar, LinkedIn’s Head of Emerging Markets, Middle East & North Africa, said about 95 percent of the companies in Dubai are considered to be small to medium enterprises. “Now that contributes to over 47 per cent of the GDP,” he said. “So, we believe that is the future. “Today, we are 660 million members globally. We are growing at the rate of two members per second here. In the Middle East and North Africa region, we have surpassed 31 million members, making the UAE, with four million members, our biggest representation in terms of member penetration in the Middle East." Source:

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