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Price offer - Luxury at an affordable price


How do we achieve the new business model? By successful implementation of the principles of the automotive industry in the fashion industry and the change of the whole supply chain from fabric production and clothing manufacturing to marketing and final sales at the shops, Cantarelli achieved unique results: Price - Luxury at an affordable price Made to Measure suits at the price of Ready to Wear End price for the customer - 250€ - 450€ - two times lower than the standard price of Made to Measure. Quality maintaining high production quality through the use of Italian know-how in the technology of manufacturing and German precision through large investments in the most modern machines in the industry. Fabrics all garments are made with CANTARELLI SELECTION FABRICS, MADE IN ITALY. Production lead time express lead time – 7 – 10 working days. - significantly shorter than the current one for MTM garments. Easy system for training the new staff We offer FREE online training on taking measurements which takes only several hours. The staff doesn’t need to have many years of experience. Fashion consultants can be easily found for the expansion of the business. 1sq.m. trade corner = over 1 000 000 proposals For the MTM business model is needed only 1sq.m of trade corner, where to be put suit samples, fitting suits, and fabric catalogs. The trade corner is made on the principle of the automotive showrooms. Sample cars and catalogs offer huge possibilities to create an individual product for the customer. Through the MTM trade corner can be offered over 1 000 000 combinations of sizes, models, fabrics, linings, and accessories from different price groups. With this huge variety, all target groups and customer wishes are covered – from 100 potential buyers, 90 would purchase. Standard Ready to wear shops keeps large trade spaces and warehouses. RTW can’t offer the variety, which an MTM trade corner can – from 100 potential buyers, 90 are lost.

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